Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring has sprung!

Our little monkey turned 2 on march 19th! Jaxson had a Curious George birthday party and got to monkey around with his family to celebrate. He had a hum dinger of a cold, but still was able to put a smile on and enjoy his festivities.
 Monkey cupcakes. Jaxson loved them!
 The boy with the yellow hat!
Blowing out his candles and making a wish.  
 Birthday boy with his parents....little brother was sleeping!
 The party room!
Vroom Vroom!
 The weather has been amazing with temps ranging from 60-80. Talking a walk in our new double stroller. Jaxson loved it...Jamison not so much!
 Little j
 Big J wearing his Bass Pro Shop gear.
He's ready for the annual Maynard easter egg hunt in the backyard.

Watching golf....Jaxson was cheering Bubba on.

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