Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Music Man

Jaxson is posing on Grandpa's Harley on a beautiful spring day. This is Jaxson's bad ass motorcycle face....errrrr! 
Ut oh she caught me again. If I just smile and look super cute I won't get in trouble. 
Here Mama I can share the toilet paper with you.
It's April vacation week, which means a week to spend with my lil man. We started things off a little rough over the weekend with a second bout of the croup. By Tuesday Jaxson was feeling much better and we joined up with some friends and enjoyed a morning music class at the local library. Jaxson loved it!
He was beating on the drum, shaking bells and maracas, dancing up a storm, and walking around enjoying himself and playing with the other kids. 
Shake Shake Shake! Shake your booty!
Jesse and I at his surprise 30th birthday party! His actual b-day is Easter Sunday! Happy Birthday Jesse, we love you! xoxoxo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not a baby anymore!

Yay it's finally springtime and the sun is shining and it is starting to warm up. This means more time to spend outside with walks around the neighborhood, walking practice in the backyard, swinging on the swing, and trips to Capron Park Zoo.
Jaxson loves to read books. He hands you books to read and turns the pages while jabbering pretending to read them. 
He is such lil ham. Always smiling, laughing, and being silly. So happy! He loves eating and trying new foods now that he is one. His new favorites are strawberries, veggie burgers, shredded cheese, and turkey meatloaf with oatmeal and flax seeds mixed in. We have also been having local eggs and whole milk delivered from Monroe Dairy which Jaxson loves to drink!
Jaxson was pooped after his friend Jack Donahue's 2nd birthday party. He was so in love with his red balloon he couldn't let it go during his nap in the car. Now he spots balloons at stores and points at them and says "ball".
Studying hard! Loves his board books! Lots of learning has been going on with our lil man since his first birthday. He is now walking around a ton on his own, pointing at new things he sees, handing us toys and sharing, rolling the ball, and talking a lot more. He even has been doing pretend play by making chewing motions and pretending to take food out of his blocks and feed it to us. 
Mommy and Daddy had a nice night out at the annual Mercymount Auction while Grammy and Grandpa Maynard babysat. Jaxson was a good boy as usual. Love you lil man!