Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Jaxson!

On Saturday, March 19th Jaxson celebrated his 1st birthday surrounded by all his family members and close friends. He spent the morning helping Mommy and Daddy set up for the party. After a nice nap all his loving family and friends came to help him celebrate his healthy and wonderful first year of life.
He had a carpenter themed party with lots of tools and his Daddy's childhood Tonka trucks. Clothes pinned onto measuring tape ribbon were pictures of Jaxson's growth through the past 12 months. The tablecloths were Jesse's old blueprint from previous jobs. The guests ate calzones, pizza, and pasta from a local Italian deli and enjoyed vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting topped with a white chocolate tool. 
Mommy helped Jaxson open all his fabulous presents. After playing with his toys he sat in his throne for his first taste of pure sugar. The birthday boy did not know what to make of his own 6 inch smash cake. He touched it, stared at it, and then decided he would pass on the sweets. When the party was over Jaxson had a nice relaxing bath and dreamed of all the smiling faces, toys and balloons he saw today. 
Thank you to everyone who helped make our baby boy's day so special!

What a wonderful year it has been having your in our lives Jaxson! xoxo

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nana comes to visit

Jaxson and I couldn't of had a better February vacation week together because......Nana came to visit. My Mom flew in from San Diego to spend a lovely week with us at the Maynard household during my February vacation. We had not seen each other in 11 months, and we had such great quality time together. We enjoyed sitting by the fire playing with Jaxson, getting pedicures, going to The Christmas Tree Shop, making dinners together, visiting friends and family, and just enjoying each other's company. Jaxson loved playing and cuddling with Nana. We tried to get him to walk for her but no luck yet!

Can't believe our lil man is almost one. Jesse and I have been hard at work planning his birthday celebration with a construction/carpenter theme. Jaxson is on the verge of walking, and gets up on one leg trying to get balance to stand unassisted. He is like a little parrot repeating us with little sayings like "hiiiiiyaa" and "la la la." He is eating all sorts of foods now like turkey meatloaf, tofu, green beans, pasta, pizza, mango and cantaloupe. He's still standing strong with 7 teeth, but is chomping on everything so one is sure to pop through soon. Jaxson is entertained by crawling around with toys in his hand, throwing his little plastic egg, flipping through board books, playing his tambourine, climbing up the stairs, and dancing to music.
Jammin on the piano with Dada!