Monday, February 14, 2011

Snow snow snow!

It's been quite the white winter with a total of 70'' so far. Jesse has spent a lot of time plowing earning $$ for the family, and Jaxson and I have enjoyed quite a few snow days cooking up comfort food and playing in our jammies by the wood stove. Jaxson has spent a lot of time looking out the window this winter too. He loves to watch visitors approach and wave good-bye. He is fascinated at his Dad shoveling, plowing, and bringing in firewood. He likes to check out what's going on and also thinks it's hilarious when snowballs are thrown at the window and don't hit him. He is quite the little observer. 
Jaxson is obsessed with the refrigerator. If you open it he will come crawling full speed ahead to catch a chance at getting in there and checking out all the goodies. He is also not a fan of when the fridge is closed before he approaches. I think he's just a future chef in the making like his Dad. 
Happy Valentine's Day! Jaxson and I received Hoodie Footie Pajamas from Jesse (DaDa) for Valentine's Day They are so soft and warm! I absolutely love them! Our family of three had fun hanging around the house in our cozies, and had a nice dinner of salmon with mango salsa and edamame. xoxo
Jaxson is going to be 1 next month. My oh my how time flies. He had his first independent little steps. We counted two before he reached his destination of Daddy's arms!  He just melts our hearts everyday with his accomplishments and the fun and love he brings us! Love you Jaxson!