Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maynard Family Reunion

August 6th was the Maynard Family Reunion. It was a great event and a wonderful chance to meet and spend time with extended family from all over New England. It was a great time had by all. Here are some pics from the big event. 
Mama, Dada, and baby in utero =)
Hugs for Dada and Mama
The Whole Gang
Our Maynard Gang....Jaxson wearing his name proudly!
Bob and Connie Maynard and their gang...children, grandchildren, and great grandchild

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Jaxson and Dada in the backyard sitting on the "tractor." We have been working on making a patio/fire pit area in the backyard. 
Keeping cool in the lake. Jaxson loves going into the water, kicking around in his floatie, and playing with the wet sand. 
Hanging out in his big boy chair with everyone. 
Our family of 4 enjoying quality time at the lake staying cool... so excited for new baby Maynard due 1/11/12. We will know if it's a boy or girl on the 16th! Vote for what you think!
"Vroom vroom...beep beep" Jaxson loves cruising on his antique Radio Flyer car.
Surfer gear ready to hit up the splash park at Capron Zoo.
It has been a wonderful summer so far. We have spent our days keeping cool at the lake with boat rides and afternoon swims. We go to story hour once a week at the library and read and sing songs. Jaxson is working on his itsy bitsy spider. We love to see the animals and play at the park, and meet up for playdates with Jaxson's friends. He loves to mow the lawn, play in the sandbox, and collect pine cones. Jaxson is talking non stop and impresses us everyday with his communication and vocabulary. He is starting to string words together, and loves reading books. He is quite the love bug asking for hugs, squeezes, and kisses. He is such the big boy! xoxo