Friday, January 21, 2011

Touchdown Jaxson!

Jaxson's new trick is his "touchdown". He started putting his arms up in the air one day during playtime and in the highchair. So every time he did it, we would say "touchdown". Now he does it on demand and is so proud of himself.  Unfortunately, his touchdowns didn't bring the Patriots any luck last Sunday.
Jaxson at 10 months now has 7 teeth, is eating lots of finger foods, and can say "ball," or something very close to it when we play with the ball or when he sees it. He even called the clementine in the fruit bowl a "baw." Yay Jaxson! 
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who Me?

Mommy caught me with the toilet paper.
I better get out of here. 
Do I have any clean jammies Mom?
Peek a boo I see you.
What no Sesame Street?
Hey Mom and Dad look, Grammy and Grandpa are home next door!

Monday, January 3, 2011

December at a glance!

Hugs with Mommy at 9 months old! Jaxson is quite the little love bug. He likes to give kisses, hugs, and reach to be picked up. 
Checking out Santa at the Small Wonders Daycare Christmas party!
He had so much fun he passed right out on the way home. 
It's Christmas morning...Santa your stocking Jaxson!
Testing out his new baby sled and 16'' of snow! Jaxson wasn't a huge fan, but he did look SO cute all bundled even if he couldn't move. He enjoyed being inside during the cold weather watching Daddy plow and shovel through the window. 
Such a big boy in his new chair...thank you Great Grammy and Papa Snyder. This will be a great climbing chair, reading char, and resting chair for many years to come. 

Jesse and I had a great week off for Christmas vacation with our little man. We had lots of fun quality playing and snuggling time the three of us. We did some home organizing and hung new family photos, went to a Christmas play, out to dinner, bowling, and had a couples massage. We even squeezed in Jaxson's 9 month wellness check-up. He is 31 inches long and 22 lbs. He is hitting all his milestones, and didn't even shed a tear when he had blood drawn from his finger. 
Jaxson is climbing and up to standing position on tables, chairs, couches, and even our legs. His personality is shining through and loves to play games of chase and peek-a-boo. Some of his favorite toys are his new piano, bouncy balls, opening cabinets (which are now all baby proofed), and playing with books. He loves to entertain by talking for everyone. Gack, ga ga, ba ba, da, da.