Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter/Jesse's 30th Birthday

Sunday, April 24th was both Easter and Jesse's 30th birthday. The sun was shining and temps were in the low 70's. We had a wonderful day celebrating at our house with family. We started the festivities with a breakfast cooked by Birthday boy Jesse made making omelettes and hash browns. 
We then had our 1st annual Maynard Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard. Jaxson and his aunties and uncles ran around the yard finding eggs filled with money and candy.

Grandpa Maynard played the guitar as we enjoyed this beautiful sunny day outside.
 Jesse, Jaxson, and I took a nice afternoon nap and then enjoyed more outdoor fun playing with the bouncy balls and wheel barrels. 
It was a fabulous day! 
Love you Jesse! Happy Birthday! 

Jaxson is a talking machine. He loves to jabber and repeat new words. His newest word is "mama".  It is pure music to my ears and he smiles every time he says it, which makes me fill with joy. He also calls bananas "ya yas", all animals with four legs "doggy", sheep are 
"baas", and cows say "moo", he loves to eat his crackers "ka-kas", and he waves and say Hi. 
Now that the weather is nice Jaxson loves being outside playing and running around. He also enjoys dancing, and will point to the MP3 player for me to turn it on. His favorite music right now to listen to is Bob Marley.