Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Today was Jaxson's first Halloween, and he was an adorable teddy bear. After a nice power nap he was ready for some action! Mom and Dad put their pajamas on and carried their teddy bears for some trick or treating. We started off our visits with Grammy and Grandpa Maynard for our first sweet treats and some photos. Then, we went to visit Jaxson's girlfriend Giana the pink bunny for some fall fun in the leaves. Next, a trip to Great Grammy and Papa Snyders to show off his adorable self and crawling skills. We ended our evening with some sugar and fun at Auntie Ashley and Lynsey's.  Jaxson had a blast and was so warm in cozy in his costume on this chilly night. 
The little man is sound asleep in bed at 8:00 and Mom and Dad are watching the Patriots game on DVR and eating Jaxson's candy...goodnight folks  =)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pulled over on way home from work to snap a pic of the fall foliage! 
Jaxson and Giana enjoying their frozen bananas!
Being a goof!

It's official...Jaxson has gone mobile. The lil man is crawling forward! It's so exciting to see him explore. We can't take our eyes off him for a second, he is quite the little investigator. Jaxson has also been babbling more with Da-da-da-da, and giving sweet baby kisses and hugs. He is a teething machine, as his top teeth are getting ready to pop through any day now. 

This weekend is his first Halloween, and the little teddy bear is all ready to go!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jaxson is almost 7 months old! I can't believe it. Everyday is a new discovery for him and Jesse and I. Watching him learn and grow is such an amazing experience. Jaxson is truly such a happy baby and rarely fusses. He loves to play on the rug banging his toys, talk (ba-ba-ba, rar-rar-rar) to us and himself, grab anything in his reach, and munch on apples, avocado, frozen bananas, and apple juice ice cubes in his mesh bag. He has started to turn to Jesse and I and give hugs! 

Jaxson helped celebrate his Great Paps Tom's 86th birthday on October 8th by supplying the entertainment for the evening. He also enjoyed a family outing to Adam's Farm in Cumberland, Rhode Island. We got to check out the billy goats, cows, and horses, pick out pumpkins and take some fall photos of the little munchkin. 

Oh and how could I forget. The lil' man has sprouted two lil' pearly whites on the bottom. You would never even know if they bothered him because he has been such a good sleeper, eater, and so happy. He is just chomping down more on everything and getting a little more drooly.

Jaxson and I went shopping today for a winter hat that covers his ears and ties under his chin. He will need it very soon. Especially during the late mornings during the week when he goes out for walks and enjoys the outdoors at his daycare which I can not say enough great things about. We just love it! It's a home daycare in Cumberland on the way to work. It's out in the country with no cars around, and tons of land, farms and horses around. The drive in the morning this time of year is just beautiful. All the curvey country roads, falling leaves, and passing by the cows, sheep, turkeys, and horses on the ride is so relaxing. The three women who work there and all the kids are so kind and patient. 

Halloween is coming up and Jaxson is going to be a..... teddy bear! His little girlfriend Giana is going to be a pink Rabbit so stay tuned for those adorable pictures! 
Happy Fall!