Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Me and My Dad

Jesse and Jaxson had a wonderful first Father's Day together at the lake house this past weekend. Saturday we spent the morning going to the local farmer's market and then we were off to the pet store to buy koi fish for Grandpa Dan. We spent the afternoon going for a nice long relaxing boat ride around the lake, followed by an evening of hamburgers on the grill by the fire pit. Sunday Jesse got some fishing time in with Uncle Taylor and took Jaxson into the lake for the first time. He didn't love it, but one day I am sure we will not be able to get him out of the water. The afternoon was spent lounging and napping listening to and watching the thunderstorms. It was a wonderful family weekend and of course we didn't want it to end.
Captain and Co-Captain
Ready to hit up the golf course in matching hats
splish splashin' in the lake

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rock A Bye Baby

Jaxson loves to rock and swing. The fresh air, gentle rocking, and sound of nature (lake house) and cars (our house) relaxes him and puts him to sleep. Here are some pictures of Jaxson rocking away. 
With Mommy on the front porch...
Papa at the lake house...
Papa at Great Grammy and Papa's breezeway...
Great Grandma at the lake...
Mommy on the porch...
and Joleen in his nursery.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Such a Big Boy

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From day one we knew Jaxson was a fighter and determined. Over the past 3 months he's been growing and developing with leaps and bounds. He is so alert and responsive taking in everything from his surroundings. His playful personality is shining with giggles, squeals, talking, and smiles. He loves to kick, peddle, stand, push, climb, and hold his head looking around. He can lifts both his legs up and turns on his side and is on the verge of rolling over.

Jesse and I know we got our hands full with this lil guy. So it's no wonder that Jaxson would learn to use his strength to turn himself sideways in his Nap Nanny and cradle. It didn't surprise us when he arched his back and pushed himself down out of his bouncy seat. The boy is so clever and inquisitive.
This weekend at 11 weeks Jaxson has graduated from sleeping beside Mom and Dad in his cradle to his big boy crib. The first night he woke up twice but was able get back to sleep from some rocking from Dad and slept 6 straight hours. The second night he slept 8 hours straight. I think he enjoys the freedom, space, and looking at his mobile. Jesse and I enjoy going to get him in the morning when he wakes up to come cuddle and play in our bed with us before we start our day. We are so very proud of you Jaxson you make our hearts smile with pride and joy!