Sunday, December 4, 2011

Couldn't ask for anything more...soon to be a family of 4!

Jaxson on Halloween....was dressed up as the man he loves the most....his Dada. He loves to fix things with his tools and can identify and say all the names for them (pliers, screwdriver, drill, wrench, saw, hammer, measuring tape, helmet). He loved Halloween and kept his costume on the whole time.
 Dada and Jaxson working on the baby's room. Daddy put in built in drawers, shelves, and a full closet. Jaxson loved every second of helping by copying every move Dada made. He is very excited about the baby's room, and enjoys playing in there. Finished product photos coming soon, just need to hang a few pictures!
 Daddy's little helper. 

 I was very surprised with a beautiful "Sprinkle" for Baby Maynard at the Colonel Blackinton Inn for brunch. All the local females in my family were there, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate baby's upcoming arrival with good food, company, and some baby shopping cash for Mama. Thank you so much to all!
 Piggy back rides around the house!
 Hello from the Maynard Express!
 Jaxson loves his very own choo choo train built by Daddy. It was the perfect place to take our Christmas card family pictures.
Baby Maynard will be here January 4th...only a few more weeks. We are so excited, busy preparing, and anxiously awaiting. Jaxson will be a fantastic big brother, as he is such an amazing son. He is such a good listener, helper, and such a joy in our lives. He loves the Christmas tree and learning all about the ornaments. He has just learned about the Elf on the Shelf, and woke up this morning saying "Go downstairs see Elf". He is going to bed awake after milk and books and talks to himself for a few minutes before falling asleep. He enjoys making pretend food for Mama, Dada, and his stuffed animal Big Bird. We feel truly blessed to have a happy healthy and growing family.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall is here!

It's October in New England and the weather couldn't be more perfect for all our favorite fall activities. This has to be my favorite season with watching the leaves change, fresh orchard apples and apple cider,  jeans and long sleeve shirts, pumpkins and cornstalks, and weekends at home with my boys. 
We enjoy our Sundays watching football with family and friends in the man room. Jaxson has enjoyed playing with pumpkins and wearing his new boots outside running around the yard looking for our new neighbor Mr. Turkey.  New baby is very active kicking away and thriving. Both my little boys; Jaxson and Baby Maynard in utero are growing like weeds right before my eyes. 
Jaxson is such the big boy. He is a great helper putting his toys away and helping clean up. He speaks in almost full sentences "mama love you so much" "I don't like that" "put boots on please" "lay down in crib."He's got quite the arm for playing catch with his football, loves to color with crayons, and play with Dada's pool table balls rolling them into the pockets. 
Baby Maynard is now 26 weeks along, and measuring a week bigger which is no surprise since Mr. Jaxson was over 8 lbs. Mama continues to be healthy and packing on the pounds at a more steadier pace this time around. So many blessings to be thankful for!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maynard Family Reunion

August 6th was the Maynard Family Reunion. It was a great event and a wonderful chance to meet and spend time with extended family from all over New England. It was a great time had by all. Here are some pics from the big event. 
Mama, Dada, and baby in utero =)
Hugs for Dada and Mama
The Whole Gang
Our Maynard Gang....Jaxson wearing his name proudly!
Bob and Connie Maynard and their gang...children, grandchildren, and great grandchild

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Jaxson and Dada in the backyard sitting on the "tractor." We have been working on making a patio/fire pit area in the backyard. 
Keeping cool in the lake. Jaxson loves going into the water, kicking around in his floatie, and playing with the wet sand. 
Hanging out in his big boy chair with everyone. 
Our family of 4 enjoying quality time at the lake staying cool... so excited for new baby Maynard due 1/11/12. We will know if it's a boy or girl on the 16th! Vote for what you think!
"Vroom vroom...beep beep" Jaxson loves cruising on his antique Radio Flyer car.
Surfer gear ready to hit up the splash park at Capron Zoo.
It has been a wonderful summer so far. We have spent our days keeping cool at the lake with boat rides and afternoon swims. We go to story hour once a week at the library and read and sing songs. Jaxson is working on his itsy bitsy spider. We love to see the animals and play at the park, and meet up for playdates with Jaxson's friends. He loves to mow the lawn, play in the sandbox, and collect pine cones. Jaxson is talking non stop and impresses us everyday with his communication and vocabulary. He is starting to string words together, and loves reading books. He is quite the love bug asking for hugs, squeezes, and kisses. He is such the big boy! xoxo

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Again!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted last. Now that it's summer vacation I will be sure to post more!
Jaxson at the lake enjoying outdoor fun with the family for Mother's Day! He loves to go swimming in the lake, take rides on the boat, and especially loves to steer the boat and push the horn! Beep beep! 

Being a big boy at Capron Park! Jaxson loves the playground and walking through the zoo checking out the animals. He loves the turtles, feeding the goats and birds, saying "roar" to the lions, and now running through the splash park in his bathing suit. 
Playing with the rocks in Narragansett! Jaxson loves the beach. He was rolling and laying down in the sand, and running up into the waves with no fear. 
Hi Guys! I'm a big boys now at 15 months. I like to play in my sandbox, mow the lawn with my bubble lawn mower, read books, play in my choo choo train Dada built (pictures coming soon), pretend to talk on the phone, and balance blocks. I can say tons of words now. I can ask for water, food, my high chair, tell if I have a boo boo, and to get down. I love to give kisses and give high fives.  I even got a big boy hair cut! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter/Jesse's 30th Birthday

Sunday, April 24th was both Easter and Jesse's 30th birthday. The sun was shining and temps were in the low 70's. We had a wonderful day celebrating at our house with family. We started the festivities with a breakfast cooked by Birthday boy Jesse made making omelettes and hash browns. 
We then had our 1st annual Maynard Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard. Jaxson and his aunties and uncles ran around the yard finding eggs filled with money and candy.

Grandpa Maynard played the guitar as we enjoyed this beautiful sunny day outside.
 Jesse, Jaxson, and I took a nice afternoon nap and then enjoyed more outdoor fun playing with the bouncy balls and wheel barrels. 
It was a fabulous day! 
Love you Jesse! Happy Birthday! 

Jaxson is a talking machine. He loves to jabber and repeat new words. His newest word is "mama".  It is pure music to my ears and he smiles every time he says it, which makes me fill with joy. He also calls bananas "ya yas", all animals with four legs "doggy", sheep are 
"baas", and cows say "moo", he loves to eat his crackers "ka-kas", and he waves and say Hi. 
Now that the weather is nice Jaxson loves being outside playing and running around. He also enjoys dancing, and will point to the MP3 player for me to turn it on. His favorite music right now to listen to is Bob Marley. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Music Man

Jaxson is posing on Grandpa's Harley on a beautiful spring day. This is Jaxson's bad ass motorcycle face....errrrr! 
Ut oh she caught me again. If I just smile and look super cute I won't get in trouble. 
Here Mama I can share the toilet paper with you.
It's April vacation week, which means a week to spend with my lil man. We started things off a little rough over the weekend with a second bout of the croup. By Tuesday Jaxson was feeling much better and we joined up with some friends and enjoyed a morning music class at the local library. Jaxson loved it!
He was beating on the drum, shaking bells and maracas, dancing up a storm, and walking around enjoying himself and playing with the other kids. 
Shake Shake Shake! Shake your booty!
Jesse and I at his surprise 30th birthday party! His actual b-day is Easter Sunday! Happy Birthday Jesse, we love you! xoxoxo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not a baby anymore!

Yay it's finally springtime and the sun is shining and it is starting to warm up. This means more time to spend outside with walks around the neighborhood, walking practice in the backyard, swinging on the swing, and trips to Capron Park Zoo.
Jaxson loves to read books. He hands you books to read and turns the pages while jabbering pretending to read them. 
He is such lil ham. Always smiling, laughing, and being silly. So happy! He loves eating and trying new foods now that he is one. His new favorites are strawberries, veggie burgers, shredded cheese, and turkey meatloaf with oatmeal and flax seeds mixed in. We have also been having local eggs and whole milk delivered from Monroe Dairy which Jaxson loves to drink!
Jaxson was pooped after his friend Jack Donahue's 2nd birthday party. He was so in love with his red balloon he couldn't let it go during his nap in the car. Now he spots balloons at stores and points at them and says "ball".
Studying hard! Loves his board books! Lots of learning has been going on with our lil man since his first birthday. He is now walking around a ton on his own, pointing at new things he sees, handing us toys and sharing, rolling the ball, and talking a lot more. He even has been doing pretend play by making chewing motions and pretending to take food out of his blocks and feed it to us. 
Mommy and Daddy had a nice night out at the annual Mercymount Auction while Grammy and Grandpa Maynard babysat. Jaxson was a good boy as usual. Love you lil man!